What does it mean to dream of a giant spider?

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Many people suffer from a phobia called arachnophobia, or extreme fear of spiders.

This is a fairly common phobia, and many people, although they have no extreme fear of spiders, find its presence worrying.

What does it mean to dream of a giant spider? 1

Fear is usually associated with so-called „giant spiders”, while the tiny ones usually do not cause any confusion with humans.

Gigantic spider species

There are two species of giant spiders, the domestic spider (scientifically Atric Eratigena) and the wooden spider, or the spherical spider of gold silk (scientifically Nephilia).

The giant domestic spider is probably one of the largest spiders in Europe.

It occurs in Central Asia, North Africa and Europe, and under human influence has also been introduced in North America. They pose no threat to humans and their bite is harmless.

Both male and female spiders do not differ significantly in appearance, but only in size. Giant female spiders can reach up to 18.5 lengths and male spiders up to 12-15 mm.

This spider is called a domestic spider, but its primary habitat is dry forests, caves and under rocks, but they are also common in homes.

They build a spider web with a funnel at the end, where they wait for their prey. They have a long insect life, usually up to three years, but in some cases it can live up to six. They are very fast spiders.

The giant wooden spider, banana spider or golden silk weaver are famous for their impressive spider webs. Their average size is 4.8 – 5.1 cm without leg span, but in some cases can reach 6.9 cm.

It is observed that people living in urban areas grow more, perhaps because of the large amount of food.

These spiders are found all over the world, but they are widespread in warmer and wetter regions. They are known for their large spider webs, which can be up to 1.5 m in diameter. Worldwide, these spiders are found in warmer and wetter regions.

They are always in their cobwebs, which look golden because of the yellow silk threads they produce.

These spiders bite their prey and inject the poison to paralyse the prey.

They are also known for making food stashes for reinforcement when food is insufficient. Females are sometimes up to 10 times larger than males. Their poison is not very dangerous for humans.

Dreams of spiders and giant spiders

As we said before, many people are afraid of spiders, so their appearance may also be a disturbing experience that will leave the dreamer with a persistent feeling of anxiety all day long.

Actually, dreams of spiders do not have to be a bad sign. In some interpretations, spiders symbolize receiving good news or experiencing pleasant surprises.

This dream may even be an announcement of some guests who will visit you soon.

A gigantic spider can be a symbol of some great earnings, pleasure, a commodity, or the earnings of a great asset and material wealth.

Small spiders can be a symbol of receiving some small gift, but one that will make you happy.

A spider web can be a sign of some pleasant meetings with friends or relatives.

If you are caught in the web, in some interpretations, it may be a hunch that you will have another marriage. A spider bite in your dream may be a sign that you are making money by gambling.

Many of them are afraid of these insects, so they are considered a symbol of something to be afraid of. In some cases, a spider can symbolize some of the fear you have in life and the need to face it.

If you often have dreams about spiders, especially about giant spiders, it is worth going inside and trying to find out what may be the cause.

Do you have any great fears that you don’t admit, are you fully aware of them, but don’t know how to free them?

This dream may represent a sign from your subconscious that it is sometimes to deal with this fear (or fear) because it blocks the progress of your life and prevents you from doing the things you want.

Some interpretations of dreams consider the spider in a dream to be a symbol of our mother and the relationship between us both.

For example, a dream about a giant spider may depict our mother as dominant and obsessive, as well as inclined to criticize everything we do.

If we experience our mother as such, we can often dream about giant spiders. In these dreams, a spider can attack us, bite us, wrap us in its net, etc.

People who have such dreams should often think about their relationship with their mother and see if there is a way to improve it.

It would be wise to talk to your mother and try to explain how they feel about your relationship and ask for more respect, tolerance and freedom.

What does it mean to dream of a giant spider? 1

These dreams could arise not only in situations where the mother is dominant and critical, but also in cases where the mother behaves very possessive towards her children.

People who have such a relationship with their mother can very often have dreams about spiders, especially large ones (depending on the size of the obsession).

This may be a sign from their subconscious that the time has come to deal with the matter quickly, because it overwhelms them either consciously or unconsciously.

In some cases, spiders may indicate traps that we could experience for other people, or they may reveal that we feel trapped by something or someone.

The bigger the size of a spider in a dream, the bigger the trap and the bigger the problem.

So a giant spider indicates a large trap that we can fall into, and a dream should be considered a big warning. It is important to remember every detail of the dream in order to decipher where the threat comes from.

People who have been in such a dream are very important, especially if you know them.

If the people you dreamed about were not known, it is important to remember some of their characteristics and try to decipher the clues that your subconscious sends you. This is not a difficult process, the only important thing is to use all the details and draw conclusions.

Giant spiders often refer to big problems and issues that we have, while small ones (especially if there are many) point to many small problems that we encounter, but not so dangerous and important.

The dream of a giant spider can be a sign that some of the problems or problems you have in your life are out of proportion and you need to start dealing with them as soon as possible.

You may be ignoring the problems you have, hoping that they will disappear, but now you realize that they have developed over time and threaten your stability.

This dream may indicate strong, uncontrollable emotions connected with some situation in your life.

Dreams of giant spiders often point to things in our lives that we cannot control, and this causes panic and stress.

If you were afraid of a giant spider in your dream, this could be an indication that you do not feel confident enough to face your problems and you are afraid to deal with them.

If, on the other hand, you dreamed of killing a giant spider, then this dream indicates that you have the will and courage to deal with the problems you have, regardless of their proportion.

Giant Spider – Meaning and symbolism of a dream

dream with spider

Dream of seeing a giant spider online in our work office – If you dream of seeing a giant spider in your work office, you should consider this dream as a possible warning against possible betrayal and trap coming from someone at work.

You should consider whether there is someone at your job who considers you a competitor and could set a trap for you that will make you look bad in front of your superiors or do something worse that will damage your reputation.

<Dreaming of killing a giant spider – If you dreamed of killing a giant spider, it’s usually a good sign of a dream. This may mean that you will finally be able to solve some important problems in your life and you will be able to relax.

If the spider in your dream was a symbol of your mother and the relationship you have, this dream can be a really good sign that you and your mother have finally established a relationship on equal terms, full of respect and recognition.

Dream of a giant egg-laying spider – If you dreamed of a giant egg-laying spider, it’s usually a bad sign. This may indicate a deterioration in your health and some health problems.

It can also indicate that someone who does not have your best intentions in mind is creating the basis for many traps to fall into and ruin your reputation, your status, your health, your happiness, or to harm any other important area of your life.

Consider this dream as a warning and be alert to people in your life who you don’t trust and can expect them to act in this way towards you.

What does it mean to dream of a giant spider? 1

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