What Does Dreaming About Spider Mean?

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Spiders are one of the oldest symbols of hidden things, of secrets and darkness, of power, control, creation and progress. Mysterious spiders and their magical web have been associated with various meanings and magical properties since the ancient times of human civilization. As a spiritual and symbolic animal, the spider is usually associated with concepts of creativity and creation, making it a destiny, patience, persistence, endurance, and specifically female power and energy.

On the other hand, as an animal that is actually repulsive and frightening to most people, the spider is considered a messenger of dark things, something that is actually connected to our own dark side.

What Does Dreaming About Spider Mean? 1

Spiders have also been related to ideas of darkness, night, shadows and mysteries. They are also associated with negative aspects of people’s personality and the manipulation, domination and control of shadows. In general, spiders have double meaning in almost every cultural and belief system around the world.

Like other mystical and mythological creatures, the spider has its dark and light side. As a symbolic symbol and animal, it reflects all aspects that create the personality and character of a human being. All our flaws and qualities are somehow incorporated into the spider’s symbolism. Spiders are one of those double animal symbols that provoke ambivalent emotions; either we are fascinated by their incredible nature or repelled by their strange appearance.

In this article related to spider dreams, we will talk more about spider symbology, particularly its reflection on people’s dreams. What it means to dream about spiders and/or to have specific spider dreams, find out in the following paragraphs. Before we dive into the magical and mysterious world of dreams, we will present some of the most interesting spider-related beliefs and traditions in culture, religion and

In many cultures and societies around the world, from ancient times to modern days, spiders have been associated with creation and creativity. Many traditional cultures admire and worship spiders as incredible builders and architects of their fascinating and strong webs. Spider webs are amazing natural phenomena.

According to more than a number of contemporary high-tech discoveries, spider webs can be a material of the future; scientists are actually trying to develop a spider web-like material for the purposes of modern and future architectural plans. Spiders are indeed masters of organic engineering!

Spiders symbolism

Dream Spider

Observed as a spiritual creature and animal totem, the spider has incredible characteristics and properties. As a personal totem animal, the spider helps one develop his inner creativity, creative potential, skills and talents. The spider totem would help you build your life into your own hands. Spider totem offers motivation, patience, endurance, dedication, determination, focus and organization, all that is needed to progress, advance and do wonders outside your own destiny.

Spiders symbolize endurance, persistence and destiny. These strange alien creatures are considered skillful, agile, and tactical; so many deities around the world have been associated with these insects, particularly creative deities. Spiders are closely related to the idea of forging a destiny, but at the same time they always carry the symbolism of threat and darkness. Right, only many divine entities we worship, but we live in fear of their unpredictable will.

Popular tales and spider-related beliefs

Considered a universal symbol of creation and life-giving energy, the spider is also associated with the concept of feminine power. The spider is also the universal symbolic embodiment of the idea of the Mother, seen as a dominant and life-giving figure in various traditions. The principle of the goddess is often associated with the spider.

Some of the powerful feminine deities associated with spiders are the ancient Roman goddess Minerva (Greek Athens), the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, and the Egyptian goddess Neith.

The web of Arachne

Probably one of the most popular legends about spiders is about the girl called Arachne, a tale from ancient Greek mythology; a Lydian tale, to be precise. According to the story, there was a girl, extremely talented in the art of weaving, Arachne. However, jealous like all other Greek deities, powerful Athens, known to be the master of weaving, challenged Arachne to a duel of weaving. Curiously, Arachne’s tapestry proved to be amazing, more detailed, beautiful, and magical than that of the goddess.

Jealous and angry, Athens went mad with pure rage to destroy the tapestry of Arachne, while the poor girl committed suicide, out of sadness, sadness and despair. Later, when Athens calmed down, the goddess felt sorry for what she did. She gave Arachne another life, but in the form of a spider, to continue her wonderful work until the end of time.

African Spider Tales

Not all legends about spiders are so serious and full of darkness. The African folk tales of the Ashanti people are particularly inspiring and interesting, even funny. Ashanti believe that there is a cheating god named Anansi. There are countless stories about this god and his cleverness, cunning and tricks that he has used to deceive other beings and deities. Anansi is loved and popular among Ashanti, so these people have invented a special expression to describe these fables; the term anansesem, literally translated as spider tale.

Anansi is present in several African traditions, originating in Ghanaian Akan folklore. It is a male deity, often portrayed as a spider, a spider with a human head, a spider dressed in male clothes or a human being with the characteristics of a spider. In recent times, Anansi has gained planetary popularity thanks to the fantasy novels of Neil Gaiman, Anansi Boys and American Gods, known worldwide. Anansi’s portrait of Gaiman is funny, witty, intelligent and irresistibly charming.

The Indians' beliefs about spiders

In American Indian tradition, spiders have an important place. Depending on the particular tribal folklore, spiders are represented either as figures of cheat, as in African folk tales, or as deities of creation. One of the known beliefs is the legend about the creation of the Greater Constellation of the Bear. According to the legend, man ascended to heaven using the spider web and created the constellation. In the tradition of the Hopi Indians, spiders are believed to be creators. The Hopi legends tell of Spider Grandma, the powerful life-giving deity who created the whole world.

The Granny Spider also appears in Navajo legends. One of the most mysterious mythological portraits of spiders are the famous Nazca lines in southern Peru. These fascinating large-scale geoglyphs are shaped like several animals, including one in the shape of a spider. Historians, anthropologists, archaeologists and many other experts have yet to discover the significance behind these masterpieces.

What Does Dreaming About Spider Mean? 1

Far East and Pacific

Native Australian and oceanic traditions are full of spider representations. Spiders were common animals in the clan totem and representations of these creatures could be found painted on rocks and stones. There are also tales and beliefs related to spiders; one of the known stories has its origin in the folk tradition Visayan (Philippines). Spiders are also well known in folk tales and Japanese mythology. In the Japanese tradition, there are male and female deities like spiders.

Tsuchigumo and Jorogumo are two well-known mythical Japanese spider-like creatures. While Tshuchigumo takes the form of a woman or a boy, Jorogumo becomes a beautiful and adorable seductress. Jorogumo is literally translated as 'spider whore'. These Japanese characters are quite fascinating and intriguing. There are many other spider-related beliefs in Japan and the Far East.

Great monotheisms

In Islam, Judaism and Christianity, three of the largest monotheistic religious systems, spiders also play an important symbolic role and are portrayed both positively and negatively. In the Islamic tradition, spiders are believed to be fortunate and useful creatures. The same is true of Judaism. In these traditions, there are similar stories about a spider helping an important religious figure escape danger. These are stories about the soldiers Muhammad and Quraysh in Islam and David and King Saul in Judaism.

The Christian tradition does not portray the spider in a positive way. In Christianity, spiders are seen as messengers of darkness, symbols of evil, despair, misery and darkness. The fascinating webs of spiders have always been associated with tricks, deceit, diabolical plans. At the same time, spider webs also symbolize weakness and weakness. However, Christianity and other religions are all mixed with ancient traditions and popular beliefs, so in many societies there are variations in spider-related beliefs and superstitions. It is a common belief throughout the world that just seeing a spider brings good luck and fortune.

Dreaming with spiders

Now we come to the main subject of this article, probably what interests you most. Now, when we have discovered some interesting spider-related beliefs and seen how these fascinating insects are portrayed around the globe, we will discover the hidden meaning behind spider-related dreams. Dreams about spiders can carry various messages. Interestingly enough, even though spiders are generally repulsive to humans, dreams about spiders mostly carry positive energy.

Since spiders are usually associated with creation, creativity, endurance and patience, most spider dreams have to do something with a dreamer’s future, building paths of destiny, creating a lifestyle, progress, development in a material and spiritual sense and so on. The spider web is a creation of a spider’s own body, that is, we create our own destiny, at least for most of it. In dreams, the spider web represents our own path of destiny and positive omens for our future.

On the other hand, humans are afraid of spiders, so dreaming of such creatures can be an unpleasant experience. If the dream is particularly frightening for you, it is logical that you cannot see it as a positive omen. Therefore, dreams related to spiders can be reflections of real life fears. In those with arachnophobia, dreams with spiders are reflections of your real fears related to spiders. In others, spiders in dreams symbolize some waking fears of life that they may even be unaware of.

Dreams about spiders are also commonly associated with a powerful, influential and controlling female figure in the waking life of a dreaming spider. We have learned that spiders are universally associated with the principle and feminine energy. In dreams, spiders can reflect a dominant female figure in real life; a mother, mother-in-law, wife, girlfriend, sister or any other female figure that dominates the life of a dreamer. In most cases, such dreams are associated with the dominant, overprotective and manipulative mother figure.

Specific dreams about spiders

Dreams about spiders are many and mean several things. Most spider dreams are related to the dreamer’s perspective on his own life, his future and his plans.

Usually, dreamy spiders suggest that things would probably be good for us, but that patience and dedication are magical keys to success. We’ve seen what simply seeing spiders or dream spiders could mean. Let’s find out what specific dreams with spiders mean.

Dreaming with a spider climbing the wall

If you dream of a single spider climbing the wall, it means that your wishes, dreams and plans will soon be realized. At least a part of them will surely be realized. If it goes down the wall or hangs up and down from the ceiling, it means there are situations you would like to avoid, but you will inevitably face them. It can also mean that you are unconsciously avoiding an encounter with someone, but you will eventually face that person.

Dreaming with baby spiders

If you see little of these little ones in your dreams, it may be a lucky sign for your love life. It can also symbolize an important change you are about to make, also related to love. Baby spiders in dreams symbolize new romantic relationships. Furthermore, baby spiders in dreams could represent new friendships and friendships.

Dreams of being bitten by a spider

Dreaming that the spider bit you means that you have some unresolved conflicts in your waking life or that there is a person in your life that you simply cannot get along with, no matter how important that person is to you. In most cases, such dreams indicate a conflict with a dominant female person in a waking life of dreamers. This dream can reflect the real life situation, where the decisions and actions of a dreamer are controlled by a female figure.

On the other hand, such a dream could reflect her impression of being stuck in the current situation of life, most likely related to her love life. Being bitten by a spider in a dream could reflect her impression of being trapped, trapped and caged in her current relationship.

Dreams of eating spiders

If you have this wonderful experience in your dreams, let us scare away your demons and tell this dream can actually be quite positive. Dreaming of eating a spider or that a spider is inside your moth means that you are in charge of the situations in your life. You have a lot of power and control over various areas of your life.

These dreams can also reflect a dreamer’s tendency to be dominant and controlling in a relationship.

Dreams about the spider web

Dreams about cobwebs are full of hidden suggestions and meanings. As we have seen, spider webs are an incredibly rich symbol. Dreaming about them is generally considered positive and brings fortune.

Since spider webs represent creation and patience, dreams about them reflect well on a person’s real life. Dreams related to spider webs are more commonly interpreted as good omens and mean that a dreamer will be rewarded for his dedicated work and effort in real life.

For example, dreams about spider webs can mean that your employees will finally show how much they appreciate your work and you can receive a promotion, a better salary, a remarkable position and so on. Such dreams can also be related to a dreamer’s talents, skills, and creativity, so they symbolize a dreamer’s need to express his or her creative side. Such dreams could be particularly inspiring and motivating.

On a negative side, spider web dreams can reflect problems you still have.

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